About Me

I’m a 36-year-old father, bodybuilder, and online fitness coach, also working as a personal trainer. Despite being active in sports since a young age, my dedicated fitness journey commenced at the age of 32 with three children. It all began with a dream to improve my fitness when my 3-year-old son outmuscled me in an arm wrestling match, triggered by the embarrassment I felt that day when I found myself too weak to hold him for more than a few minutes.

Embarking on my fitness journey, I initially embraced calisthenics to establish a solid foundation—let’s be honest, the gym seemed intimidating at first. However, as my confidence grew, I gradually transitioned into resistance training, immersing myself in the science behind muscle building, strength gain, fat loss, and achieving a healthier lifestyle.

I strive to apply the scientific knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years through personal research and practical experience gained from training and coaching. My goal is to assist individuals in achieving their fitness aspirations through a well-founded, evidence-based approach.

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


Tools for Success


Free Consultation

Contact me to discuss your health and fitness goals. Get ready to jumpstart your workouts so they work for you and save you time.  Join me at Gain Time Coaching today.


Custom Workout Plan

I will develop a custom workout plan for the month so that you get the most out of your exercise routine while using your time efficiently. Don’t waste time and effort on exercises that won’t move you toward your goals. We will prioritize the areas you are most focused on and help you stay accountable to this plan on a monthly basis. Each month the plan will be updated as you make progress toward your goals.


Nutrition Guidance

What you eat is key to your health and fitness goals.  You can’t out run or out lift what you are eating and I will provide education and guidance to provide your body the fuel it needs to achieve your health and workout goals.